International courier service company NIMEX Express We would like to send greetings and best wishes to all customers health.

In order to continue, cherish the work of connecting letters and goods in all regions of the country and the International. NIMEX Express was born with the purpose of bringing to customers International cheap courier service. With full demand to diversify types of services. 

With the motto "FAST - ACCURATE - SAFETY - SAVE", NIMEX Express specializes in providing International Courier services in Vietnam. We are partners of the world's leading courier corporations: Fedex, DHL, TNT, UPS.

 We are constantly improving the network, training professional staff to improve service quality, to meet the maximum needs of customers.

NIMEX Express takes delivery of all types of international goods. With fast time, competitive costs, meet all the courier needs in the world.

To bring satisfaction to customers, NIMEX Express is constantly expanding, improving service quality. In order to provide customers with reliable, quality and economical courier service.

Thanks for the cooperation of customers. Wishing you every success in your business and business.

Hope to serve customers


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NIMEX Express offers a variety of services.

  • International Courier
  • Vietnam - China Express
  • Customs declaration service
  • Other services ...

Come to NIMEX Express, you will be consulted about the service in the most dedicated way to solve all questions of customers.


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With the strength is a shipping unit with long experience. NIMEX Express understands the basic procedures. To assist customers in transporting their goods to the fastest and safest place. With the right cost, customers don't have to worry about shipping costs that are too high. NIMEX Express always gives the most reasonable price for customers.


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With the motto of putting customers first. The staff is always ready to assist customers 24/7. NIMEX Express is ready to answer all your questions. Enthusiastic follow-up and customer care throughout the transportation process. Support to find the best solution to help customers save shipping costs.